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Amazing Flower Pictures

Written By Mariana Berau on Monday, July 1, 2013 | 9:59 AM

flowers shaped alligator
Currently Green Nature Lovers Community Batam (Kupaham) exhibition is being held in the Court of ornamental plants Engku Putri Batam Centre. Various types of ornamental plants on display in the courtyard Batam mayor's office.

In addition to contestants from Batam, the exhibition was attended by contestants from various cities in the country. Among others, from Jakarta, Lampung, Medan, and Bandung. The exhibition will run until August 10, 2008 to come.

Uniquely bonsai shaped iguana

In the exhibition, visitors can buy various types of unique and beautiful flowers. Some are cheap and some are costs beyond expectations. Flowers are expensive of which type of Anthurium, the price could reach tens of millions of dollars. But there is also that cost "only" around 4 million rupiah - 6 million Rupiah per pot.

Interestingly, there are bonsai that looks weird. Starting from the form of crocodiles, iguanas, Balinese dancers, and so on. Well, like the photos on this page. Other photos can be seen on the right of this page.


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